Essential Virtual Spin Bike Fitting


Get a precise fit for your unique body with the Essential Virtual Peloton® Fitting. We will work with your contact points and adjust your position as necessary. Schedule a virtual fitting at your convenience and get expert guidance every step of the way.


The Essential Virtual Spin Bike Fitting is more than a 60-minute virtual fitting session and includes a cool pair of Ride Learn Grow™ cycling socks and a frame magnet. Your Essential Virtual Spin Bike Fitting will focus on your primary contact points with your spin bike and how you connect with each.

We’ll help you find a more comfortable and efficient position on your spin bike so that you can ride longer and faster.

Your virtual bike fitting includes:

  • Your Essential Virtual Spin Bike Fitting begins before meeting virtually with an e-mail introduction to the fitting process.
  • Next, you will receive a questionnaire that includes a list of photos for our initial assessment.
  • Then the initial fit e-mail is sent and typically includes comments and suggestions/adjustments to try prior to meeting virtually.
  • After this session put together a package of necessary items needed like wedges and/or screws. We also throw in a cool pair of socks and mail them to you.

*Occasionally additional items may be recommended from or another company. (These will require an additional fee.)

You may also e-mail or call us for comparison to any other fit offering. We will be glad to oblige.


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