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Learn the complete, biomechanically sound system to treat individual comfort and efficiency issues with any of your customers, no matter their experience level. Learn why the foot-to-pedal interface is the foundation for a great bike fit, and the area where most overuse injuries can occur. Learn repeatable, simple & proven techniques that can make the most impact for your customers.

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Our fitting classes are taught in a friendly open-classroom style. Each program is a mix of book learning and hands-on education. Join a class and learn with individuals that share your interests.

Thank you so much so teaching such an informative class. I can honestly say that I now look at and think about people on bikes differently. 
Hunter Braasch, Velofix
It was great to meet you and learn from your experience. I feel much more confident doing bike fits now that I’ve learned how to properly adjust the foot/pedal interface.
Coach Powell, Coach Powell
I really enjoyed the course and left inspired not only to start getting cyclists in the door for their bike fits, but also to get out on my bike more!
Anne Jeffery PT, DPT

Level 1 Education


MAR 31-APR 1, 2018 Level 2 is one of the most advanced courses in bike [...]

Spokane, WA

APR 9-10, 2018 Level 1 is dedicated to hands-on skills working with actual road cyclists [...]

Columbia, MD

APR 13-14, 2018 Level 2 is one of the most advanced courses in bike fitting. [...]

Columbia, MD

APR 15-16, 2018 Level 1 is dedicated to hands-on skills working with actual road cyclists [...]


APR 28-29, 2017 The BikeFit Level 1 Clinical Course. Sign up:

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Our Instructors

Paul Swift

8-Time US National Track Cycling Champion
After retiring from competitive cycling, Paul founded Bikefit and Bikefit Education to share his passion for cycling. Paul is a Master Bike Fitting Technician, a certified USCF sport coach, and a former member of the USA Cycling board of Directors. Paul specializes in training bike fitters to correctly deliver comfortable and consistent fits to any type of rider.

Katrina Vogel MS, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Kit holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Southern California and a Masters of Science in Human Movement and Performance from Western Washington University. She specializes in biomechanical evaluation/treatment of orthopedic injuries related to running, walking and cycling.

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