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CyclePoint set the standard for fitting bicycles and bike fitting education. Prior to CyclePoint, Paul created the education and wrote the book for

Learn and experience from the creators to become a better fitter making cyclists more comfortable and efficient.

Discover the biomechanically sound system to address individual comfort and efficiency for any bicyclist at any experience level.

Discover why the foot-pedal interface is the foundation for a great bicycle fit and the area where the most overuse injuries often occur. Learn repeatable, simple, and proven techniques that can impact your cyclists most.

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World-Class Bike Fitting & Problem Solving

Paul Swift (Founder of BikeFit) and Kit Vogel, PT, DPT, MS are actively booking in person bike fits in the Spokane, WA area as well as virtual fits for all cyclists, triathletes, and mountain bikers of all levels including indoor cyclists (like Peloton, Nordictrack, Cycle Bar or other). Locally Kit and Paul work with a few different bike shops and we are also available to bring the fit to you.

What does an in-person bike fitting include?

  • A complete bike fit usually takes 2-2.5 hours and includes a follow-up 1-2 weeks after the initial bike fit.
  • The fit includes a full dynamic digital assessment of the side, front and rear views.
  • Special attention is given to the contact points, including the foot-pedal interface, pelvis-saddle, and hand-handlebars/stem (including tri-bars on tri bikes).
  • The foot-pedal interface specifically addresses lower extremity biomechanics that creates a wide variety of over-use injuries.
  • The stem sizer determines the proper length and angle of the stem for the current bike.
  • The saddle changer allows the cyclist to try multiple saddles in a very short time to select the best possible saddle for comfort, performance and the best possible biomechanics.

What does a virtual bike fitting include?

  • This is initiated with an email review of our services and process.
  • When you are ready to begin your fit journey, you will receive a questionnaire that includes sending us photos to review.
  • Then the initial fit email will include a list of tools you may need to assist us during this part of the process.
  • Getting ready for our first meeting FaceTime is a great option if you have an iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone, we work with MS Teams or Zoom. Having a partner to assist with this process is extremely helpful.
  • Book a day and time to meet face to face and review your cycling position.
  • After this session put together a package of necessary items like wedges and/or screws. While supplies last we throw in a cool pair of socks and mail them to
    you. These items cost between $30 - $50 and are included in your service.
  • Occasionally additional items may be recommended by or another company. These will require an additional fee.
  • The next session is usually the final virtual face-to-face meeting fine tuning your position.
  • As you noticed we are not a one-time 45-minute meeting and done partner. Although it is not necessarily difficult to make some type of improvement with your fit in a short time it is not possible to offer a complete and thorough fit virtually in 45 minutes.

*Having trained over a thousand professional bicycle fitters around the world we occasionally can introduce you to many of the very best cycle fitters in select areas to visit in person or come to you for a fitting. This request is accommodated as best we can, and we are not always able to connect you with a pro fitter, but we try.

Contact CyclePoint today to book your bike fit!

CyclePoint Local Office: (509) 844-0107


Our fitting classes are taught in a friendly open-classroom style. Each program is a mix of book learning and hands-on education.
Join a class and learn with individuals that share your interests.

"I really enjoyed the course and left inspired not only to start getting cyclists in the door for their bike fits, but also to get out on my bike more!"


"It was great to meet you and learn from your experience. I feel much more confident doing bike fits now  that I've learned how to properly adjust the foot/pedal interface."


"Thank you so much for teaching such an informative class. I can honestly say that I now look at and think about people on bikes differently."


Instructors and Affiliates

Paul Swift - Master Bike Fitting Technician

Paul Swift

Master Bike Fitting Technician

8-Time US National Track Cycling Champion. After retiring from competitive cycling, Paul founded Bikefit and Bikefit Education to share his passion for cycling. Paul is a Master Bike Fitting Technician, a certified USCF sport coach, and a former member of the USA Cycling board of Directors. Paul specializes in training bike fitters to correctly deliver comfortable and consistent fits to any type of rider.

Dave Howells - Certified Bike Fit Instructor

Dave Howells

Certified Bike Fit Instructor

Dave competed the Level 1 BikeFit Course in 2009 and the Level 2 BikeFit course in 2010 qualifying as a Pro Bicycle Fitter. He has since become the only Pro certified instructor in Canada to teach bicycle fitting. He is considered one of the best bike fitters in the world and is perhaps the absolute best when it comes to off road fitting including mtn bike and gravel. Dave is also F.I.S.T. certified in Tri bike fit. Dave’s studio is North Vancouver and is called BC BikeFit.

Andrew Weber - Bike Fit Systems Instructor

Andrew Weber

In 2003 Andrew started traveling with Paul both domestically and internationally wherever Paul was teaching. Andrew has a mobile bike fitting service covering the San Francisco Area called Bike Fit NorCal. Andrew also teaches bicycle fitting internationally 4 different languages. He loves to interact with other bike fitters evaluating new technology looking for an improved consumer fitting experience.

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