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In-The-Studio Custom Bike Fitting



Paul Swift wrote the book on bike fitting and has trained over a thousand fitters worldwide, and is now bringing world-class bike fitting to Spokane.

Your Personalized In-The-Studio Custom Bike Fitting will focus on getting each contact within the outer limits of the highlighted areas. Often, people think the fitting is complete here. However, this is only the beginning.

Then comes the detailed fit, which begins at the feet and works up to the hands. Special attention is given to the contact points, including the foot-pedal interface, saddle, and handlebars/stem (including tri-bars on tri bikes).

  • Feet: 5 Primary Cleat Changes
  • Pelvis: 3 Primary Saddle Changes
  • Hands: 5 Primary Handlebar Changes

A complete bike fit usually takes between 2-3 hours and includes a follow-up session if needed.

Your Personalized In-The-Studio Custom Bike Fitting includes:

  • A full dynamic digital assessment of the side and front views with the highly-rated BikeFit® App.
  • A proper stem length and angle assessment using the patented Stem-Sizer for your current bike.

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