The Ultimate Virtual Bike Fitting is the best virtual bike fitting offer you will find. The Ultimate Virtual Bike Fitting consists of two virtual meetings of 45 minutes minimum each session. You will receive BikeFit brand fitting wedges and screws as needed, Ride-Learn-Grow™ socks, and a frame magnet. Wedges, cleat screws, and socks are valued at over $40 and are standard in the Ultimate Virtual Bike Fitting journey.

Ultimate Virtual Bike Fitting



The Ultimate Virtual Bike Fitting will help you find a more comfortable and efficient position on the bike so that you can ride longer and faster.

The Ultimate Bike Fit consists of two virtual meetings. Included with your fit are BikeFit™ brand fitting wedges and screws as needed and Ride-Learn-Grow™ cycling socks. Wedges, cleat screws, and socks are valued at over $40.

Your virtual bike fitting includes:

  • Two virtual personalized spin bike fit sessions.
  • Illustration and description of the tools needed to assist with the fitting process.
  • The first session focuses more on the global view of your fit before getting into more specific details.
  • Following the initial fitting session, we put together a package of necessary items, such as wedges and screws, and mail them to you.
  • The next session includes a review of your initial fitting and the final fine-tuning of your position.

*Occasionally additional items may be recommended from or another company. (These will require an additional fee.)


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