What is the Essential Virtual Bike Fit for the Peloton?

The Essential Virtual Bike Fit for the Peloton

Congratulations on your investment in a Peloton or other indoor stationary bike for your cycling journey. Your bike is a great start, but what if you are uncomfortable or experiencing pain. Perhaps your enjoyment isn’t quite what you hoped it would be. Or maybe you feel like you are just spinning your wheels. That is where we come in.

Your journey to improved comfort, increased power, a smoother spin, and more fun begins with the Essential virtual bike fit. The Essential fit is more than a 60-minute virtual fitting session. A cool pair of Ride Learn Grow™ cycling socks, a frame magnet, and additional bike fit support are included.

The bike fitting portion of your virtual fit journey will focus on the contact points with your bike and how you interface with each.

Bike Fit Targets

Connection points with the Peloton bike

However, the Essential fit journey begins before meeting virtually with an email introduction to the fitting process. This will include assistance in getting ready for your virtual Peloton bike fit. You’ll also be asked a series of questions and a request to send images of your bike, shoes, and occasionally yourself on the bike.

The information is compiled to create a customized plan unique to you. Depending on your needs, the support includes a list of specific tools, tips, suggestions, and video support to prepare for your virtual fitting session.

Peloton Bike Fit Tools

Tool list for the Essential Virtual Bike Fit                      for the Peloton

The majority of Peloton virtual bike fit meetings are conducted over Facetime. If you do not have Facetime, we suggest MS Team or Zoom.

The Essential virtual bike fit process begins with an overall view of you spinning on your bike. Initial adjustments set your position close to or within the outer targets.

Once you’ve reached the outer target range, a more detailed evaluation begins at the pedals and progresses to the handlebars. For much of the process, the highly regarded Bike Fit software will be used for quick review and sharing.

Peloton Bike Fit Process

The flow of a Virtual Peloton Bike Fit

The detailed portion of your fit includes a close look at each of the highlighted areas.

Essential Bike Fit Highlights

The areas of adjustment for an Essential bike fit

To make sure you are selecting this best fit journey, ask if you have pain or discomfort in the outer area of your foot when you cycle. Provided is a visual of this uneven or outward foot pressure indicated in red. This area in red is actually prevalent in cycling. If this rings true for you, you might want to consider upgrading to the Ultimate Fit journey. Ideally, we should feel even pressure across the ball of the foot like the blue highlight.

Bicycle Foot Pressure

Uneven and even foot pressure while cycling.

You can also examine your pedals for uneven wear. Suppose you see more wear on the bottom of the pedal but toward the inside at the front. This is an indication that upgrading to the Ultimate is a good idea.

Uneven Bicycle Pedal Wear

Look for uneven wear on your Peloton pedals.

The Ultimate Fit incorporates all of the following cleat adjustments, including assessing the foot’s tilt or angle. The appropriate wedges and screws are then sent to alleviate the uneven foot pressure. Wedges are also known for increasing power and add additional comfort.

Ultimate Spin Bike Fit - 4 primary cleat adjustments

The 4 Cleat Adjustments for the                    Ultimate Virtual fit for the Peloton bike

Here is a closer view of the number 3 cleat adjustment with wedges between the cycling shoe and cleat.

Foot Tilt on Pedal

Cleat wedges addressing uneven foot pressure or common foot tilt.

Each bike fitting processing fee starting with the Essential virtual fit, can be applied to upgrade your level of fit. If you are unsure which level, to begin with, know that you can always upgrade within 60 days of your fitting by paying the difference.

To sign up and reserve an appointment click Spin Bike Fitting Category – The Cycle Point . Please allow a few days between the time of your purchase and the date of your fit session when choosing a date. This allows adequate time and opportunity (at least a few days) to respond to the questions, send the requested photo(s) and prepare for your session.

Whether you join us for an Essential or the Ultimate Fit, we are here to support you on this journey.

Shipping the socks and frame magnet is included with your processing fee within the United States. If you upgrade or live outside the US, you may incur additional shipping expenses.

Occasionally we may need to recommend other products from BikeFit or another company. These do require an additional charge.

If you have any questions, please visit us on Facebook here Ask the fitter | Facebook or Instagram   @askthefitter    CyclePoint Local Office: 509-844-0107 Email: info@thecyclepoint.com

The Ride Learn Grow™ socks and a frame magnet.

Ride Learn Grow Socks

Ride Learn Grow Cycling Socks

Ride Learn Grow Frame Magnet

Frame Magnet – Ride Learn Grow

Here’s a chart to help you compare our fit to others or our fit selection.

Virtual Bike Fit Comparison

Compare our virtual bike fit with others.

If you would like a PDF copy to download, print, or Email to someone, go here. Virtual Bike Fit Comparison

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