Cycling Shoes in Spokane

Looking for Cycling Shoes in Spokane

Cycling shoes are an integral part of your bicycling equipment. Investing in a great pair of bike footwear is necessary for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

Cycling Shoes

Lake Cycling and Lamson Cycling Shoes available in Spokane

However, cycling shoes are not always easy to find, let alone good cycling footwear. Live in Spokane? Hard to find good bicycle shoes are now a thing of the past. Not only can you get great Cycling Shoes in Spokane, but you will also receive assistance from one of the world’s foremost experts in bike fitting. Your journey to a great new pair of bicycle footwear begins with a visit from Paul Swift, who wrote the book on bike fitting. His work also includes presenting for both Lake and Lamson.

Lake Cycling Shoes Shimano Cleats

Lake Cycling Shoes with Shimano Cleats

As a cyclist, Paul was sponsored by both Lake and Lamson. Here is Paul racing as part of the US National Cycling Team sporting a special pair of custom Lamson shoes.

Swift Designed Cannondale

US National Team Cyclist Paul Swift wearing Lamson Cycling Shoes on the track bike he designed for Cannondale

Paul Co-authored the most advanced manual on bicycling biomechanics with an emphasis on the foot-pedal interface. His co-author Katrina “Kit” Vogel MS, DPT,  (Bike Fit PT) is a Spokane native.

Bike Fitting Manual

The bike fit manual written by Paul Swift and Katrina Vogel, MS, DPT

For a pair of Cycling Shoes in Spokane Paul will visit your home or business, discuss your bicycling needs, and measure your feet for a great pair of Lake or the ultimate customs footwear from Lamson

Before booking a shoe fitting session, look around the Lake and Lamson  websites. Compile any questions and schedule a time to meet with Paul. He will discuss your riding needs and goals and measure your feet for the proper size shoe.

For Lakes, Paul will utilize the Lake fit stick. This distinctive measuring device is designed to assess multiple aspects of your foot. And yes, each foot is measured. Lake and Lamson can accommodate 2 different size feet. While Lake charges extra for this service, Lamson Cycling creates each shoe to size, so addressing different size feet is part of the process.

Lake Cycling Foot Measuring Tool

Lake Cycling Shoe Measuring Tool

You might be surprised to learn that almost half of all cycling shoes are too narrow. Lake is one of the few brands that take cycling shoe fit to another level, with 3 distinct widths to choose from.

Lake Cycling Shoe Widths

Lake Cycling Provides 3 Widths

To see if your current footwear supports you with the proper width shoe, remove one of your insoles and place your foot on top.

Foot wider than the insole

Foot wider than the insole.

Lakes are great, but there is one Ultimate custom cycling shoe and that is Lamson. Your journey to the ultimate shoe beings with an initial fit session. The visit will includes a discussion of your riding goals and a detailed measuring of your feet, including impressions for your custom insole that will be inside each custom shoe.

Measuring Foot for Lamson Shoes

Measuring Foot for Lamson Shoes

Here are Paul’s most recent Lamson shoes. Paul is a Kidney Cancer survivor who loves to wear his survivor shoes while riding his bike. (The orange ribbon represents Kidney Cancer)

Lamson Cycling Shoes

Custom Lamson Cycling Shoes – Kidney Cancer Awareness

The right footwear can make your ride more comfortable and assist in better handling of your bike.

To get a cool pair of cycling shoes in Spokane, email or call.

Shoes under $160 add $50
Shoes under $230 add $25
There is no additional charge for footwear over $231.
There is no additional charge for two pairs of shoes in one household.

A 60% deposit is required before ordering your shoes. Once your shoes arrive, Paul will hand-deliver them and check the fit.

In Spokane the ultimate Custom Cycling footwear by Lamson lands around $1300. With a pair of Lamson’s, you” also receive a Foot-Pedal interface fitting. This service is valued at over $250, bringing your custom footwear to just over $1000.

All 5 cleat changes

The cleat changes in a bike fit

But that is not it. A pair of Ride Learn Grow TM socks are included with each pair of Lake or Lamson shoes (while supplies last).

Ride Learn Grow Socks

Ride Learn Grow Socks

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