Cycling Shoes in Spokane

Cycling Shoes

Looking for Cycling Shoes in Spokane Cycling shoes are an integral part of your bicycling equipment. Investing in a great pair of bike footwear is necessary for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. However, cycling shoes are not always easy to find, let alone good cycling footwear. Live in Spokane? Hard to find good bicycle shoes…

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Paul Swift and Katrina Vogel, MS, DPT, wrote the book on bike fit.

Bike Fitting Manual

Their latest bike fit manual, “When the Foot Meets the Pedal…The foundation for Every Good Bicycle Fit” is stacked with endorsements from the top names in the cycling and clinical worlds. Katrina “Kit” Vogel, MS DPT, is a world-renowned bike fitter and cycling biomechanist. She was dubbed a “Rock Star” in the world of bike…

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